I am an award-winning journalist, critic, educator and author of nine books. My first novel, Under the Boardwalk, was a New York Times Notable Book of 1988.

My work has appeared in more than forty national and regional publications, including the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Magazine, Art & Antiques, Kirkus Reviews and New Jersey Monthly.  I have taught novel writing, literature and journalism at the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University and Rutgers University. I have also lectured in history and biography.

I was educated at Oberlin College, with majors in English and Religion, minors in History and Classics. While attending Oberlin, I learned French Culinary Technology in the Experimental College, and the art of the circus clown in an Arena Performance Workshop led by Bill Irwin. I went on to study archaeology in Israel as part of the Joint Expedition to Tel El Hesi.

I have more than thirty years experience in the martial arts, with a primary concentration in Shotokhan Karate. I also have some knowledge of aikido, kenpo, judo, tai chi and krav maga.

I have traveled extensively in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

I live in Northern Virginia, where I am married to Janet, my high school sweetheart. When we were dating in high school, Jan’s mother referred to me as “That Bill Kent.” Jan is an astronomer with a specialty in asteroids. She also teaches physics.

We have two sons, Brandon, an IT professional who helped me with this web page, and Stephen, a statistician. When Brandon’s wife, Charron, a professional photographer, saw a sculpture and remarked that she had always wanted to use it as a backdrop, I impulsively asked her to take my picture in front of the work. That photo is reproduced here.

We also have a dog, a West Highland terrier named Daisy, who is walked at least twice a day.