When that Tree Falls

I’m listening to the Rebirth Brass Band and I’m going to New Orleans.

A day after I wrote a post about wanting to go to Nawlins, but letting extenuating circumstances permit me to rest in place, my wife surprised me with airline tickets to the Crescent City. I immediately booked us a room at the Montelone (I hope it’s not near those big exhaust fans of which someone on TripAdvisor complained). After that I found Season Four of Treme in the library.

And I kept the music on.

Given that it is the great habit of our moderately evolved brains to connect the dots, fill in the blinks and find causes to effects, you’d think my wife read my previous blog post and change up what would have been a quiet weekend at home.

Nope. She didn’t. It was one of those…things.

They say that God knows when a tree falls in the forest, even if nobody hears.

So I’m going to New Orleans, with my ears wide open!



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